Princess of Potidaea


But I suppose we all play parts.

penny dreadful meme × six quotes [5/6]: ethan chandler [01x07]

Sir Malcolm, I swear to Christ if she’s right, if you let all this happen so that you could manipulate her, I’ll rip your throat out.”


A podcast based on submitted short stories that feature your representations and experiences of femininity, in the context of magical and supernatural adventures~

The prompt for your submitted stories will change occasionally, and anyone can have the chance to have their story featured in an episode~ 


Submissions are now OPEN, I’d appreciate you to send in your orginally written femme fiction stories, preferably 2-5 pages in length~ 

You can send them to either the podcast’s blog or my personal here~

I want spooky stories about girls and ghosts, and of course, from the heart~<3

Does Atsushi Sakurai remind anyone else of Johnny Depp?


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My favorite Devil May Cry ship might be Dante and Nevan. They already had chemistry when they first met, and when she turned into a guitar/weapon, they worked together so well that their relationship became stronger. I wonder if Nevan ever turns back into a demon lady from time to time, or if she’s forever a guitar. I wonder the same about Crberus and Agni and Rudra, but I doubt Dante wants a three-headed dog or those annoying guys in his office. So if any weapon turns back into their other form, it would be Nevan.

They should make a Legend of Zelda anime. I know there’s an old cartoon, but I’m curious what a modern Japan-made anime of it would be like. I think they could make it really well if they gave it a shot… Like they did with the Devil May Cry anime.

Is there an official Zelda movie?

When searching on google or Youtube, I see a lot of things claiming to be Zelda movies or trailers for Zelda movies. Is there an actual official Legend of Zelda movie? Are they planning on making one?

I really want them to make a movie or series of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. That book is amazing.