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I didn’t have to make any of this up, they sleep like that and the psychological analysis of each position seemed accurate to the point it was creepy. You can find the sleeping position chart in several places just by googling them, I came across them in a magazine i found a while ago, for which I’m thankful because if it wasn’t for that the visit to the dentist would have been very boring.

If uh, you happen to relate to any of this boys’ sleeping habits, you are free to post your favorite individually though it would be very nice if you kept the source ; v ; )/

I sleep like Rei! I find this very accurate. I do believe Rei and I have similar personalities (I also happen to love cats). The description is accurate for me, especially the “slow to make up their minds” part.

Am I reading this right? Did Killua just chop some poor innocent bystanders to pieces because he couldn’t get a ball from an old man? This child has anger issues.

I’m on chapter 13 of Hunter x hunter and there’s this teeeeny tiny panel in which Killua’s arm is around Gon.

Adult Beyblade fans?

Part of me still likes Beyblade. I feel kind of embarassed about it since it’s such a childish anime. Are there any other adults out there who still like the original Beyblade?

Beyblade character sexual orientations:

 Since it’s been a while since I’ve read/watched this series, and the characters still hold a special place in my heart, I would like to analyze the characters’ sexual orientations and romantic interests.

Takao Kinomiya: This is a little tricky since he’s usually too focused on being the best beyblader to think about relationships. I’m going to say he’s bi. I believe that the deepest of all his relationships throughout the series is the one he had with Kai. The female character he was closest to was Hiromi in the anime, although it’s hard to figure out whether he thinks of her as more than just a friend. He has a child in the end of the manga, and I wish I knew who the mother was.

Kai Hiwatari: I would say asexual or gay, if it wasn’t for the fact that he has a child in the end. Throughout the series he shows no interest in females. He likes to stay away from people in general. He is very close to Takao and even hugged him once (or was that Takao’s dream?) He also seemed rather close with Rei, but that seemed to be only in a friendly way to me. I’d like to know who the mother of his child was as well. Hiromi is a possibility, but she’s also the only candidate I could think of for Takao’s child. She liked Kai in V-force, but he didn’t seem to like her back.

Rei Kon: Straight. He’s close to Kai, but I didn’t see that as romantic or sexual. His love for Mao seems to be prevailent through the whole series, aside from V-force in which Salima seems to take Mao’s place. He and Mao have a child in the end (which makes me very happy)

Max Mizuhara: Bi, but mostly gay. He’s very loveable and cuddly with all the guys. I remember him tackle-hugging the boys a lot. In the end of the manga, when the other guys are married with children, I vaguely remember Max working/living with the Chief. I remember he seemed to have a crush on Mariam in V-force, though. There was also Emily, but they might not have liked each other as any more than friends.

Chief: Gay? I’m only thinking this because of the vague remembrance of him and Max. But otherwise, I guess he’s asexual? Unless there’s a girl I’m forgetting about. OH WAIT. DOES DIZZY COUNT?


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Pixiv ID: 24599312
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I just started reading Hunter x Hunter

I’m expecting a lot of intense things to happen. I’m looking forward to dark secrets, traumatic events, beautiful emotional connections between characters that can’t be expressed in words, near-death experiences, and heart-wrenching plot-twists. …And maybe Hisoka with his hair down.

I hope I will not be disappointed.

Just started reading hunter x hunter

do the characters age throughout the series? because I love when that happens.